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Quality and sustainability

Schulthess quality: there too where it can’t be seen

In the production of our machines we use high quality materials. This is because long service life, robustness and quality are not just paid lip service at Schulthess. We even pay attention to quality where it can’t be seen: thus, for example, the washing liquor tanks in our washing machines are made from high quality, recyclable chromium steel and not just out of plastic. Schulthess guarantees these for 20 years!

And: before the machines leave our production site, they are tested thoroughly. And this means all of them, always.


ISO 9001 (quality)
ISO 14001 (environment)
EKAS 6501 (health and safety)



Schulthess sets standards in protecting the environment and sustainability

So that future generations can live in an intact environment, we produce particularly energy-efficient machines, which consume a minimum amount of electricity.

Schulthess machines regularly receive the best marks for energy efficiency, which the European energy label confirms. What this means in actual practice is the best wash and spin effect with minimal water and energy consumption.