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Wet-Clean by Schulthess

Wet cleaning included: gentle, environment ally friendly, inexpensive

With its industrial washing machines and dryers, Schulthess offers a system solution for washing and wet cleaning a wide variety of fabrics. The tried and tested wet cleaning process from Schulthess is particularly suited to gently cleaning and caring for modern and delicate fabrics. According to the "all in one" principle, they are equipped as well as possible for fabric care in the future with their integrated wet cleaning programmes.

The benefits of the genuine Wet-Clean Process:

  • The special, tried and tested wet cleaning programme, tailored precisely to the delicate properties of fabrics, cares gently for the laundry using environmentally
  • friendly liquid detergents.
  • Delicate fabrics are cared for with hygienic cleanliness and a neutral odour.
  • Instead of using solvents and chemicals, wet cleaning uses water, environmentally friendly detergents and laundry aids and polished machine technology to provide hygienic fabric cleaning.
  • Water is a good dirt and grease remover when combined with environmentally friendly detergents and laundry aids.
  • Creasing is very low thanks to item specific processes and special equipment, reducing ironing costs to a minimum.
  • Wet cleaning is particularly ideal for retirement and care homes, where the highest levels of cleanliness and hygiene are demanded.
  • The "all in one" system solution from Schulthess with integrated wet cleaning is the laundry care system of the future.

A few examples of clothing that can be cared for best with wet cleaning:

  • Outerwear such as coats, trousers, jack-ets, waistcoats, pullovers (wool, angora, silk, cashmere)
  • Wedding dresses, ball gowns
  • Breathable sports and rainwear, down jackets, Gore-Tex or Sympatex based ski suits, etc.
  • Bedspreads such as wool covers, quilts and rheumatism blankets, duvets, sleeping bags.
  • Problem laundry from care and hospital environments which place particularly high demands on hygiene and disinfection.
  • Protective clothing for fire and rescue services
  • Uniforms, work wear
  • Leather goods and motorcycle clothing
  • Normal wet cleaning methods with
  • no restrictions

  • Wet cleaning technique for sensitive
  • textiles with reduced mechanical action

  • Wet cleaning techniques for very sensitive
  • textiles with much reduced mechanical action




SARTEX, the abbreviated name of the Swiss Working Group for TEXtile designations, is a member of the international GINETEX Association. Its main aim is to define and promote a correct worldwide care designation system based on symbols which are protected by trade mark law. www.ginetex.ch