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Schulthess Customer Service: service you can rely on

Schulthess produces washing machines and dryers of outstanding quality with a proverbially long service life. Parts, assemblies, components and materials are carefully selected, tested and assembled. This you can rely on.

Our customer service does not stop when a machine is sold – we also place great value on professional and reliable servicing.

With more than 100 service technicians, Schulthess has one of the densest service networks in Switzerland. Our service technicians are proven experts and are trained in line with norm VDE 7001–7002. Problems can be reported quickly and easily via the round-the-clock hotline 0844 888 222 or online. For apartment blocks and the commercial sector, Schulthess also provides an on-call service on Saturdays and Sundays for which there is a charge.

The Schulthess service team covers the whole of Switzerland:

  • 5 customer service centres
  • 3 customer service branches
  • 16 service points

By the way:

although this is not a statutory obligation, the spare parts for our machines are 98 percent suppliable for another 12 years after purchase.