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Environment and quality

Ecological pioneers: washing and drying with Schulthess

We manufacture machines that deliver exceptional energy efficiency so that future generations can live in an intact environment. Our appliances minimise power consumption and set standards when it comes to environmental protection and sustainability. We invest intensively in research and development so that we can continue to offer our customers ecological machines and environment-friendly programmes.

Short washing times with express programmes

The express programmes from Schulthess cut washing times to the absolute minimum. Two high-power heating elements make the general wash programme times extremely short. The programmes operate with partial or full loads, at all temperature levels from 20°C to 95°C, starting with periods of just 19 minutes. This feature is exclusive to Schulthess. The express programmes not only save valuable time but also detergent, water and power.

Save resources with hot water and rainwater connection

On request, all Schulthess top models are available with a hot water or rainwater connection. Power savings of up to 80% are possible by using the existing water supply. You can also use rainwater for washing instead of costly drinking water, with no problems at all. "Soft" rainwater is lime-free and requires about 20% less detergent than hard water.

Long-lasting and robust

Buying a Schulthess machine is an investment in quality – because robust construction is a hallmark of all our models. Top-quality materials combined with accurate workmanship and sturdy engineering guarantee reliable operation for many long years. The best example: our detergent containers are made of high-grade chrome steel and 100% recyclable.

Top-class energy efficiency

Washing machines from Schulthess regularly receive top scores by the European Energy Label. The top Schulthess models are consistently awarded the highest A+++ rating, which stands for optimal washing and spin effectiveness with minimal water and power consumption. 

Certification and voluntary commitment to the environment

The standards for certifying a company's environmental management policies according to ISO 14001 are high. When Schulthess Maschinen AG decided to pursue certification in 2001, it set itself the goal of structuring all internal processes even more consistently according to environmental criteria. The certification at that time and the regular subsequent certifications by the Bureau Veritas Certification authorities confirm the sustainability of these efforts. In addition, Schulthess has also joined the programme organised by Energie-Agentur der Wirtschaft to actively reduce CO2 emissions and optimise energy efficiency. This programme is a voluntary contribution of the industry towards sustainable climate protection.


Schulthess has always been committed to manufacturing in Switzerland. Our machines are developed and produced with great pride and dedication in Wolfhausen in the Zurich highlands, robustly constructed and designed for a long life span: Experts in laundry care.

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