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The laundry ironing machine service from Schulthess

A well maintained laundry ironing machine provides you with lots of benefits. Your laundry is ironed gently and receives a good finish. That means that it retains its value longer. On the other hand, the ironing path becomes shorter with worn-out wrapping and poor ironing quality is the result.

Profit from the laundry-ironing machine subscription

Laundry ironing machines, which are in a perfect condition, help you to save money because your laundry is treated gently and consequently stays in good condition longer. The laundry ironing machine maintains its efficacy. With our laundry ironing machine subscription, you ensure continual good operation of your machine.

Our subscription includes:

  • one or multiple inspections of the laundry ironing machine per year (depending on your wishes),
  • cleaning of the trough,
  • correct setting of the feed belts,
  • mounting the replacement textile on hand,
  • checking the spring coating and
  • setting the laundry guard.

In brief: Our specialists do everything necessary.

Interested? Then simply contact us at 0844 888 222.