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Your own laundry

A profit-generating investment

Independence, speed and more gentle washing are only a few reasons why hotels, restaurants, residential care institutions and commercial operations like to wash their own laundry.

Benefits Worth Looking at More Closely

Laundry is treated extremely gently and carefully in your own laundry facility. The laundry has a better feel to it, and its useful life is prolonged noticeably. At the same time, you eliminate incoming inspections of externally delivered laundry. In commercial operations with their own laundry, less laundry is demonstrably required. Consequently, there are many good reasons for obtaining the textile quality that meets the demands on quality of your customers.


You are independent with your own laundry. Only as much laundry as is necessary is washed. Surprises, which can occur quickly with huge piles of laundry, can be handled simply, fast and flexibly with your own laundry facility. Vehicle transports are eliminated, which helps to preserve our environment.


With precise analysis of requirements and consideration of all cost factors such as machine purchase, room use, maintenance, amortization and staff expenses, a newly set-up laundry achieves enormous savings. Our Schulthess advisors calculate for you how much you can save with optimized laundry operations. Don't miss this chance for this non-binding offer – your income statement will profit from it considerably.

Jobs and Image

You create interesting jobs with your own laundry facility. At the same time, you fulfill an important social responsibility, which is appreciated and affects your image positively.

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