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Advice, laundry calculations, planning

High-performance machines are one side of the coin. However, the course is set for the efficiency of a laundry in the planning phase. Schulthess sets up a large number of laundry systems for its customers. This know-how benefits you. Consult our specialists at an early stage about your requirements, your field of operations and region in which you work as well as your defined goals and objectives. Schulthess supports you during all stages - from planning to operation startup. As a result, you can rest assured that your investment decision is based on solid reasoning.

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Your own laundry: a profit-generating investment

With precise analysis of requirements and consideration of all cost factors such as machine purchase, room use, detergent, maintenance, amortization and staff expenses, a newly set-up laundry achieves enormous savings. Our Schulthess advisors calculate for you how much you can save with optimized laundry operations. Don't miss this chance for this non-binding offer - your income statement will profit from it considerably.

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Wrapping for all brands of laundry iron machines

Schulthess has a qualified and competent service with comprehensive coverage for wrapping ironed laundry for all brands. An experienced staff provides support for several hundred laundry wrapping machines in Switzerland. They are familiar with the properties, strengths and weaknesses of many brands and consequently can adapt your initial and replacement wrapping individually.

With perfect wrapping, you ensure th

  • your laundry gets a good finish,
  • the laundry is treated gently,
  • the value of your laundry is maintained for a longer time.

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